2/3 price updates

2/3 price updates

Happy Friday, Miners!

It’s the first day in the past 3 days that Dallas has seen temperatures above freezing, so we could be called the ‘metromelt’ instead of the metroplex <insert dry laugh>. In other news, here’s a snapshot of what else is happing:

  • We keep posting new Split Shares, and y’all keep selling them out. Split Shares available now for S19 XP 141T @ $63/share.
  • Anything that starts with a "K" seems to be dominating the profitability calculators. To appease the "K" crowd we have added the Ibelink BM K3. This is priced competitively at $4,500.
  • Miner prices have come up across the board. Most notably, the KA3 has risen over $4,000 just this week. We assumed this was because the product is starting to ship from China and it turns out ... KA3s will start shipping to us tomorrow! Congratulations to those we preordered in the $7-10k range! Everyone else take note, it pays to preorder. All KA3 orders are now spot good and will arrive within 1-2 weeks unless noted otherwise.
  • We still have fantastic preorder options in the S19 Pro +. These machines have a lot of functionality improvements and are more efficient than their little brother. Prices aren't too shabby either, under $4k!
  • If you or somebody you know is interested in M30S 88th used miners in bulk then please reach out to us. We have access to over 1,500. There is a MOQ of 200 so you may need to partner up with someone. Tell us how many you can commit to and we will do our best to raise 200. Price is $11.5/th, plus shipping.
  • We've received a lot of emails about what miners we recommend. This is a personal opinion and it comes down to "what do you believe in?" We believe the K7, K3KA3 (yes, even after a $4k price increase) and L7s are still extremely undervalued and can provide the most long-term profit. Not to say BTC miners are bad, they are your safest option for steady profitability.

Thank you for your support and please reply to this email with any questions!

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