2/10 price updates

2/10 price updates

Happy Friday, Miners!

Within the past week Bitcoin hit $24k, albeit briefly. But in the crypto game a win is a win; and we could all use one of those right now, especially if you are the Kansas City Chiefs, SBF, or an ex Twitter exec. Speaking of potentially big wins, Visa is testing stablecoin settlements. In layman’s terms translates to ultimately being able to convert dollars into coins relatively seamlessly. If this were to happen, it would be classic crypto adoption. In the same token, the State of New York may be warming up a bit toward crypto. A little more than a week ago, a bill was introduced that would legalize crypto payments for some state purposes. However, it’s success is not guaranteed as similar legislation in 2017 did not pass. Let’s be honest, those who could use a win the most are living in Turkey and the surrounding areas right now. Interestingly, crypto is playing a role in relief efforts. Over $170,000 has been raised so far through a crypto donation wallet promoted by a Turkish rockstar and nonprofit.

Here's a quick look at some Mining Syndicate highlights:

  • You’ve got your choice of Split Shares right now: a S19 Pro 141T @ $63/share or our first ever used S19 Pro 110T @ $25/share. This is the first time we’ve ever listed a used miner for Split Shares, so while you are taking advantage of the price, have the peace of mind that we’re giving you a 6 month warranty, too.
  • If you’re looking for more than just a taste of a miner and want the whole thing, check out the high-value preorder of the S19 Pro + @ $3,274. Picture the stalwartness of a regular S19, plus more efficiency and functionality enhancements.
  • Each Friday for nearly the past month now, we’ve hosted multiple tours of our main location. There’s nothing quite like seeing our miners in action, book a tour with us here.

Keep mining, rain or shine!



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