NEW Goldshell KD5 - 18 Th/s

NEW Goldshell KD5 Pro - 24.5 Th/s

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  1. If wire is not received by the end of the business day, the order will have to be cancelled. The price is simply too volatile for us to wait.

  2. This miner consumes 3000 Watts, processes 24.5 Th/s and weighs about 20 pounds.
  3. If self- hosting, you must have a 220v outlet, as a step down transformer will not work.
  4. If self- hosting, please be aware that these machines are very loud and get very hot. They require significant ventilation, especially the newer models.
  5. Some used miners come with 3-9 months' warranty left, but many do not.
  6. All miners host from China unless otherwise stated.