12 Month Hosting Deposit $.10/kWh

12 Month Hosting Deposit $.10/kWh

Regular price$2,700.80
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This price includes the $50 setup fee.

Please select your machine. Be sure to select the correct machine so we may ensure your machine stays plugged in during the duration of the contract.

These hosting deposits are only for machines purchased from us. Please email sales@Miningsyndicate.com for information regarding us hosting machines purchased elsewhere.

We are no longer backlogged on hosting. Once your hosting deposit is purchased you are expected to be plugged in within 2-3 weeks. All hosting is within the US at either our facility in Dallas or one of our partner facilities in ID, KY, PA or MO.

$.10/kWh is the discounted price for paying 12 months upfront, and is valid throughout the life of your 12 month agreement. 

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Mining Farm Hosting

Hosting in Dallas, TX

Your miners sit next to ours

Hosting costs are .12c/kWh + a $50 one time setup fee. That's it. For an S19 Pro it comes out to around $280/month.

We're committed to taking the same care for your miners that we take of ours.

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