Antminer S19 J PRO models

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The S19 J Pro a newer model for Bitmain Antminers. This machine is an absolute workhorse that is capable of running 24/7 for up to 6 years +. If you are looking for the most reliable machine in the industry then look no further. Mining Syndicate will be happy to host these machines for you. If you choose to host at home you will need a 240v outlet. Please keep in mind that these machines are extremely hot and noisy. They are not meant to be run inside your home.

Miners arrive to our hosting facility within 7-10 days of us receiving payment. If you are hosting offsite you can expect an extra 3-5 days in transit from our hosting facility to the address of your choosing. Preorders are expected to arrive within the month stated, but there is always a risk of further manufacturer delays.


Bitcoin Mining Reward Forecasts

* Bitcoin Price at $26,908 USD

Time Frame BTC Reward Revenue USD* Power Cost (in USD) Profit (in USD)
Daily 0.00040705 $11.08 $10.98 ($0.13)
Weekly 0.00284935 $77.53 $76.86 ($0.88)
Monthly 0.0122 $332.29 $329.41 ($3.77)
Annually 0.1486 $4,042.85 $4,007.88 ($45.88)

Most mining pools will also charge a 0 - 2% pool fee of all crypto mined.